Seattle Mariners bring bat flips to an end

Do you know anything about Bat Flips? No? Then please keep reading. If YES you do know, then please watch the little commercial, laugh & then follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Thank you.

For those of you who don’t know, a “Bat Flip” is typically an over exaggerated motion of dropping the bat after hitting the ball. I heard though that real badasses save their bat flips for home runs. Either way bat flipping is extremely popular in professional (and I’m sure amateur) asian baseball leagues. Here is a video kind of (I mean exactly) showing what I mean.

So yeah you hit the ball and fling the wooden bat around like it’s no big deal and you couldn’t potentially put someone’s eyes out. Or destroy their face. Now in the MLB it’s considered in bad taste and not very classy. I still just think it’s a safety issue.

Either way the Seattle Mariners have decided to take the bat flip down. I for one am just honestly surprised that baseball players haven’t found other ways to celebrate. And this commercial brings up a good point. Where are all the swashbucklers (reference in the video) or the other 1000 crazy little dances that players could have been doing for like the last 100 years?
Well check out this video so you can see for yourself. Bat flip is out, whatever dumb dance you want is in.

However I just want to note that I support no dances or junk like that. As baseball should remain classy. Football and basketball already celebrate too much. Jesus the game goes to like 100 points you just made 2 take it easy.