A little hustle goes a long way for soccer goalie

I’m tired of lazy goal keepers just sitting around in their nets and just waiting for the balls to fly at them. Look you already get to wear a cool jersey (kit) that’s different than everyone else’s. You also get big mickey mouse gloves. Which I’m sure serve a purpose other than providing me with a good laugh. To be honest I still don’t know what it is though. You can even use your hands for crying out loud. Which basically means you don’t even really play soccer.

So get out there and start being a real goalie. Goalie like an adult is all I’m asking. If you need help or you don’t quite know what I mean when I say “goalie like an adult,” I want you to take note of goalkeeper Angelo Campos. Mr. Campos plays for Peru’s under 20 (soccer team), and Campos knows how to get out there and handle business. He also knows how to hustle. Everybody loves a guy with a good hustle.

So watch Campos get out there and make it happen. All you other lazy goalkeepers can take note. This is Campus kicking butt in an U20 international against Uruguay which Peru was able to fight back and tie in the end. See hard luck pays offs.


The double save is so sweet. With bonus sad uruguayan guy rolling on the ground just really puts this video over the edge.