Jason Williams being flashy

Have you ever heard of Jason Williams? Well I’m not here to judge you because I just learned about this guy recently. And by recently I mean yesterday. So I guess I don’t have a place to judge from. Either way Jason “white chocolate” Williams is flippin’ rad. He played in the NBA from 1998 to 2011. Now this is all speculation but I’m 1000% positive he had to have been the most entertaining player to watch.

Jason is all about awesome passes and fakes. I’m talking no looker rocket passes behind the back double fake between the legs type stuff. He even does a behind the back no look elbow pass. Yeah, it’s hard to even explain it’s so awesome.

Anyways, I was doing all the hard work on the internet (because I know you’re too lazy to look) and I found an awesome highlight reel. The clip is made by the NBS so you know it’s going to have some good quality footage. The NBA even got a pretty sweet sound track for the clip too.

I don’t know why you’re even still reading. Watch the clip already,

This is a clip of the behind the back elbow pass I was talking about. Sorry the clip is in russian but is has some great little slo-mos of the pass. Showing just how awesome it is.